having fun with my friends online

by Homo Genius

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Homo Genius is the solo project of Petting Zoo drummer and co-songwriter. His first full length album features vocal contributions from a wide array of indie Amherst and Boston bands. "having fun with my friends online" is a charity album and all proceeds are being donated to the Massachusetts chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, you can find more info here! (www.nlgmass.org)


A drunken idea taken flight by amazing people who helped bring this crazy concept into reality. I'd like to thank each artist for helping me make this fun messy amalgamate of a project.


Disheartened: oooooooooooooooohhhh, another one. -Alex

Onion Boy: anyone should lead, considering the infinite universe inside - antibacterial and antiseptic - sometimes apologize, but do not ask permission -Nathan

Hannah: hannah // and right before he falls asleep, he thinks, "did she even really love me anyway... did I leave the stove on?" -Sarah

Untether: a time-stretched travel through an intimate vacuum, where both ends lead to the same person//place -Ben

Pt. IV: a return to the ever pulling whirlpool at the center of our ambitious imaginations / tainted by efficacy and droll machinations -Joey

Song for the A.M.: for waking up half-dazed having left something behind in the yet unpronounceable post meridiem -Soubhik

Seeing Things Real: reunion of the primal collectives that shape the misguided youth -Joey

Glue Gun: hunting in the woods to feel something that you've never felt before // slimey justifications -Joey

Hallucinogentrification: a home away from home blessed by chronic inflammation and delusions of invisible hands stretched over the pallid moonscape that beckons forward an ambitious sentiment covered by clouds of indecision and fickle responsibilty tainted by obligations and outward motivations that have been co-opted by societal standards and the many dilettante faux pas created by the unending waves of crushing debt ignored by the inner mass, albeit warned by the crescent moonshape tattoo carved into the back of the outer-sea child, bearing the fruit of an overzealous friend obsessed with comradery and false kinship, created to elicit feelings of worship bound by the bewilderment felt by all who stare too close to the sunrings that fell to the earth in the fifth age // avoiding the ire of the fifth god -Joey

Let's Get Ready: alright babs! let's do it! reach for the stars! let's partayyyyy! -Joey


released August 16, 2016

having fun with my friends online

by Homo Genius + FRIENDZ


Disheartened (Distasio/Whitelaw)
Onion Boy (Distasio/Galloway)
Hannah (Distasio/Addi/Ayres)
Untethered (Distasio/Finn)
Pt. IV (Distasio/Hegland)
Song for the A.M. (Distasio/Barari)
Seeing Things Real (Distasio/Dibona)
Glue Gun (Distasio/Murphy)
Hallucinogentrifiication (Distasio/Hegland)
Let's Get Ready (Distasio)


All music written, performed, and recorded by Joey Distasio.
Mixed and mastered by Joey Distasio
All lyrics by each song's respective featured artist. Except on track 5, which has lyrics written by both Christian Hegland and Joey Distasio.



all rights reserved


Homo Genius Amherst, Massachusetts

The name says it all, he is homosexual, and a genius. The truest rock star to walk the streets, but vain and pitiful in the sheets. The embodiment of what the Westboro Baptist Church imagines when they think of the sinful queer. With existentially gay angst, he channels his sin into the flaming guitar solos he shamelessly peppers on many of his tracks. Dive into the dumpster with him. ... more

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